Tuesday 21 September 2010

Tata Naka, London Fashion Week

Tata Naka, aka Natasha and Tamara Surguladze, celebrated their first 10 years in the fashion industry with this incredible show last night. They "presented their personal interpretation of cultural clash between opulence of the Indian Maharajah and Western simplicity". "Inspired by Colonial India, the period of dramatic changes and the way Indian civilisation adapted to British culture, dressing and education is interpreted by combining structured western tailoring with soft shapes and draping typical in Indian dress". Interestingly with the very 'Blue' light that we experience in the UK in which Indian colours tend to dull made absolutely no difference - the collection is truly amazing. The full flavour of the collection of course was underpinned with the incredible installation from Chameleon Visual (oh you must know them by now as they produced the incredible Ostriches at Louis Vuitton). Fabulously coloured jelly in vintage tea cups were served to all of the major players here in attendance from brilliant Silver hostess trolleys. Ceramic Parrots, silver candelabras, glass stands and the most delicious flowers and furniture created the focal point around which this show hung. True to form, Ms. Davidge (Chameleon Visual) simply dissolved away into the background as if she were never there.......she was......somewhere, but no egos were stroked, the job was done to the perfection this wonderfully formidable woman demands and perfectly beautiful in its execution. You must have Chameleon Visual on speed dial (they are incredibly selective so don't expect a reply) http://www.chameleonvisual.com

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