Wednesday 22 September 2010

Prada, London

One of the interesting things I find about this store is how they change the use of their presentation space. It doesn't, I feel, always work wonderfully well (but that's just me), but they do do it, which should be applauded and this is quite a creative use of a relatively small space. Occasionally they open up the space to reveal views into the store and alternate this with small enclosed show case type spaces focusing the customers eye on the details of the installation and the product. Here we have the use of Black and White images in a repetition format forming the background to the figures wearing the product. Interestingly the figures themselves do rather jar with the fluidity of the human images in the background, but I guess that's the nature of so many mannequin collections which are often placed in poses in which they were never meant to be which makes them look quite awkward. Still, what the creative team here have done is perhaps to consider how they can utilise their current collection of figures but changing them by covering the faces to which we are ordinarily drawn and within which we are able to find the reflected us, or not. This is not the most lavish scheme I've seen from this brand, but who cares, it works well, its simple, it does what it does and maybe will send a message to smaller independent retailers that you don't have to spend huge amounts of money after all to look good.

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