Friday 25 June 2010

Fortnum and Mason, London

If anyone can handle merchandise and present a perfect finish ( and I say this globally) it is the team here at Fortnum and Mason, London. They don't change their windows as often I would like personally (but that's only because I am impatient and excited and want to see what they do next). However, when they do change their schemes, they really do, do it exceptionally well. This kind of product is very difficult to handle convincingly but this creative team make it look so effortless. Its not effortless. In discussion with colleagues within this industry I've been looking more and more recently at the finishing around the presentation, as much as the presentation itself and whether it has a narrative, or message of some kind, and whether I understand what and why something has been placed where it has. I do attempt to deconstruct and unravel what has been produced and presented to begin to understand if anything is being communicated. As I travel around the world and friends share their images, I cannot think of a single competitor (from a visual perspective) globally who even come close to these guys with this type of product. OK, well Fortnum's is, I guess, essentially a grocers or supermarket to some degree, but if your grocers looked like this, wouldnt you spend all of your time there? I would. This is the standard we all need to aspire too and the benchmark from where we need to begin with regard to this type of product. Thank you F&M.

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