Tuesday 25 May 2010

Selfridges, London

"Some people think I'm Bonkers, But I just think I'm free, Man, I'm just living my life, There's nothing crazy about me". You may not recognise these lyrics, although you will almost certainly recognise the 'song' by the artist Dizzee Rascal. What has this got to do with store windows? I hear you ask. Well if you happen to be along Oxford St. here in London this week, you could do no worse than check out Selfridges new scheme. I had great fun recording these windows as I gasped with excitement at each installation in turn. The concept is based on various musicians creating a three dimensional scheme of one of their songs. So, above we have Dizzee's Bonkers and below Florence and the Machine. This is another superb scheme from the creative's here and another example of pioneering concepts leading us through this decade. I am thoroughly enjoying the collaborations happening here between artists and retailers which we are seeing ever more as we touch the half way mark of 2010. Lets hope the next 6 months will be equally exciting.

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