Monday, 24 May 2010

Louis Vuitton, London

So close, I can taste it. With the pending opening on Thursday this week, I had to go along yesterday to get another view of the store I have been looking at with hoardings covering the front for months and months. Mannequins wearing luggage is just part of the amazing first hit at the Louis Vuitton store here along Bond St. The whole store from the outside glitters beautifully. I had a sneak preview between the blinds on the ground floor and if LVMH haven't promised it, I can certainly promise an amazing fun and wonderfully produced scheme. Sadly, I have another engagement on Thursday evening (unless I receive an invitation, of course) so I cant cover the event itself, however I will bring to you the latest schemes as they happen. In the mean time, my outfit is ironed ready, just in case the courier turns up with that invitation.

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