Monday 10 May 2010

The One, Burjuman, Dubai

I do love home ware. Is that wrong to admit? One of my favourite places that I always visit when I come to Dubai is The One in the Burjuman Mall. If there is one place that does home ware really well it is here. One of my other favourite places for home ware is also New York. America (or at least New York) really do it so well. OK well a lot of it is reproduction stuff and I do prefer original furniture whenever finances allow but the presentation is done so well. I think the reason I am seduced is because these room sets always give a sense of space. Something we lack in London I think and I just love beautiful things. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a hoarder of 'stuff' and I don't have cupboards full of things which I got bored of and are just waiting to hit eBay. But to quote William Morris, "only surround yourself with things which are either beautiful or useful" is my mantra. If I buy something I also throw or recycle something so that my personal space is not overflowing. Anyway, if you enjoy even just looking at this kind of stuff, do go and check out The One's gorgeous merchandise and allow yourself to be seduced.

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