Sunday 9 May 2010

Kenzo, Burjuman, Dubai

I am always strangely drawn to Kenzo whenever I see it in London as it seems such a mysterious brand to me that I know so little about. I suppose it just doesn't scream from the high street, but always seems to be there. Kenzo, of course, is now part of the portfolio of the ever increasing LVMH group but I strangely never really see anything of it apart from the ubiquitous perfume adverts. Also, the London store has one of those omnipresent security grills so sadly used in so many stores in the 'thieving' West. Here in Dubai of course, this is not a problem. The scheme in this store did grab my attention (possibly because I didn't have view it through a security grill) and on closer inspection contains what looked like pieces of old manuscript with writing in fountain pen which have been 'stuck' to form a backdrop. This actually works very well with the merchandise and the white gloss mannequins. However, I am not so sure about the bottles suspended from the branches around it. This seems rather an afterthought to me rather than a significant part of the scheme and perhaps some other prop would have been more appropriate? What do you think?

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