Tuesday 6 April 2010

Louis Vuitton, London

For some reason I have had these images sat on my computer for a few weeks and just haven't got around to including them here. Louis Vuitton have again produced a fantastic scheme of Red metallic balloons spelling out the brand name. This scheme, of course flows throughout all of their stores here, although I noticed recently that the Sloane st. branch also included them in Gold. Anyway, it is remarkable what the visual team do with these tiny spaces, although I have heard along the grapevine that the new LV megastore opposite this tiny one on Bond St. is soon to open. The wooden hoardings have come down and only a large format printed banner is covering the front of this enormous site. Having been closed for many months I am anticipating that this will be absolutely spectacular. Sadly, I doubt I will be invited to the launch party (Ahem...I'm hinting here of course, well, there's no harm in trying.!) but I will include the new store soon if only from the street.

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