Wednesday 7 April 2010

Desiguel, London

I’m not particularly familiar with this brand and although I have searched around the Internet for more information their website is incredibly slow to upload so after 30 minutes of waiting, I gave up. However, what I have managed to glean is that the brand was begun in 1984 by Thomas Meyer and is quite a hit around Europe. The interior of their spaces has a kind of market feel about it, almost as if you are stepping into the Moroccan, Turkish or Middle Eastern souks. The current promotion is based around hand made with moving graphics (well at least the arms) of a young male and female as if knitting furiously away. Surrounding them are strips of material with suspended spools. Interestingly there seems to be a further developing trend for knitting amongst the early twenties age range here in London with cinemas (I believe the Brixton Ritzy) reputedly lifting the level of lighting to enable their customers to knit and watch the film at the same time - how wonderful.

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