Friday 5 March 2010

Versace, Rome

After a long show week and publishing what is happening in the London Retail VM and Display show this week, I know a lot of you, from my messages, are chomping at the bit to find out what is happening in Rome and beyond right now. Where do I look for inspiration Jonathan, I hear you ask? OK, give me a chance here readers. This is first installment of the current Rome window schemes and commercial interiors. I have flaneured the streets of Italy for you and have included these images of Versace as the starting point. Of course, one would expect the home of Versace to house the epitome of this brand and here, just off Via Condotti, Rome, is this lavish site. Beautiful mosaic floors and incredible merchandise fill this store - it is simply such a luxurious experience even to be inside. Of course, one would expect the latest colours and fabrics from this brand although I am more interested in the presentation of the product itself and the environment in which it is housed. Black high gloss figures communicate Versace's intentions in conjunction with glass and chrome fixtures. This really is such a beautiful site and one that I would certainly recommend you see, even if you just peak around the fabulous doors.

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