Saturday 6 March 2010

Levis, Rome

While flaneuring along the Via Del Corso here in Rome, I happened up this Levis store. I'm not normally a fan of this brand particularly as they do seem to present their schemes out of a catalogue, although I must say I was quite impressed with this store. Levis have used these enormous wooden cable drums where normally a large industrial cable would have been wrapped, they have replaced it with checked ribbon - interesting contradiction here. The drums are also used as as fixtures from which to hang their merchandise and plinths on which to place their mannequins. The figures themselves have been sprayed in a Matt Black finish. Their strap line 'Check me Out' has also been stenciled on the drums and applied to the main windows in vinyl. I think this store is worth 'checking' out (no pun intended) as it is refreshing to see such a large brand be this innovative.

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