Friday 12 March 2010

Pure, Rome

I don't normally include these types of stores here as I do find child mannequins quite creepy. However, this scheme at the Pure store on Via Frattina here in Rome compelled me to record it and share it with you. This is clearly a children's brand, and although I did search around their web site, the English translation didn't work so I cant find out much for you. Here, however we have a small scenario of the usual creepy figures dressed as if adults (which is why I probably find them so sinister). The mannequins have been placed quite randomly on a Black and White chequered vinyl floor and surrounded with these drawn cut outs of the Eiffel Tower, various products and Black vinyl designs applied to the walls. Further within the Interior Space the surfaces are in a vibrant Lime Green tone. I guess children like this kind of stuff? Anyway, this isn't one of my favourite stores in the city but I guess people like it.

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