Monday 15 March 2010

Monster Park, Bomarzo, Northern Lazio, Italy

After a few days flaneuring the streets of Rome with its manic police/ambulance sirens and busy streets, I was in much need of a break out of the city in order to seek some inspiration for future schemes. I had heard of Monster Park which is situated in the middle no where (as I discovered) in the countryside and an hour on the train from Rome. This is a stunning 16th Century garden created by Vincini Orsini in Bomarzo. Unfortunately, what I hadn't realised was that the nearest train station was nearly 10km away from the park, and uphill too. Anyway, after arriving at Bomarzo I began to hike my way towards the site, while asking for directions from the locals (using international sign language - you know the one, where we use our fingers to intimate walking etc). They did look rather bemused why I would want to go there. Anyway, after about an hour walking, a friendly local decided to stop his car and offer me a ride to the park. I cannot tell you how grateful I was when I realised how far I would have had to walk to get there. It was worth the effort and the place itself was deserted (I cant think why) so I had the whole experience to myself (well nearly, the garden security guard insisted on stalking me around the park to ensure I didn't take photographs.) He was quite old, so, as you can see, I did manage to out run him over the slippery landscape and take these ones for you - actually many more - he really was old bless him. Treading in the footsteps of Artists such as Salvador Dali etc., who were inspired by this park was an incredible experience and quite cleansing too. So, if you dare to be brave and navigate beyond the usual city stuff, do go there, it really is wonderful, although hire a car..! It took me a further 3 hours walking back to the station through the countryside. I slept well that night though.

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