Saturday 13 February 2010

Versace, London

While I flaneured along Sloane St. here in London this evening I came across the latest scheme from Versace. This is a very simple installation which therefore really limits what one can really say about it. The abstract figures have been sprayed in a Black high gloss finish and placed in front of what looks like plastic strips that wouldn't be out of place in a supermarket chiller cabinet - although in sherbet tones. The strips as a background do however, work very well and the merchandise itself is in wonderful sorbet tones although overall perhaps this scheme needs a little 'something' more? To me, at least, this scheme seems to lack the kind of 'meatiness' that it deserves. Perhaps, this is because the accessories are a little too spaced apart from the mannequins? This is quite a small space and the grill at the back of the window doesn't really help the concept. When I group mannequins I do try and think about them as if they were real people and consider how they would interact with each other. These don't interact at all. Such simple schemes are very hard to do as you can't hide any errors or distract the eyes of on lookers, so a little tweaking and pulling this together would have perhaps made this look simple scheme look far more powerful as a visual statement?

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