Sunday 14 February 2010

Gucci, London

Gucci this week have presented their scheme using a fractured vinyl applied to the fenestration with painted Black background and Gold and Silver sprayed 'bamboo' in a repetition format for their backdrop. Their use of the vinyl really does focus our attention on the product, by blocking out any unnecessary distractions and making our eyes zoom into the centre of the presentation which is all very cleverly done. I always enjoy these schemes where we are just able to see between the fractures, but not quite. It is almost like a strip tease and as we are curious animals we are drawn in to try see what has not been quite revealed. Of course 'things' which are revealed gradually are far more exciting than if we are merely presented with the visual and therefore this works incredibly well. The use of the Gold sprayed headless mannequins and accessories placed on silver mirrored plinths completes the whole visual presentation and the job is done.

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