Friday 26 February 2010

London Retail VM and Display Show Exhibitors 2010, DZD Bespoke Sales Director: Colin Hudson

Have you ever felt drained of inspiration? All too often I find working with large companies creatively draining. From my own experience of large companies, they drain and drain one of ideas and concepts and give us little, if any time to replenish and update our knowledge and enable the development of ideas which are informed and interesting too. Well, did you know that DZD (situated adjacent to Warren st. tube station here in London) now have a bespoke service which can help you overcome that creative fatigue? Big players within the industry need big results and there is nothing worse that having to work in isolation not really knowing if your high profile concept in that enormous flagship is going to work. The process of experimentation, play, testing and trying is a crucial part of concept development and there are few places available for us to go where we are able to work with a team to bounce ideas around, tap into the expertise of a team who are able to produce props in house (which is particularly cool) and enable you to realise your vision - and lets be honest we're only as good as our last job, so we had better make sure that the next one is spectacular too. With a guaranteed one to one guidance through your project DZD will come with you on your journey from initial concept development, realising your concept and make you look good. What more could you ask for? Do drop by the DZD stand next week and have a chat to Colin Hudson and the team. Colin and Sonya work very much in collaboration in supporting their clients and with years of experience between them you can be sure that what you want is delivered, and it will be spectacular too. So what are you waiting for?

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