Thursday 25 February 2010

London Retail VM and Display Show Exhibitors 2010, Proportion>London Creative Director Tanya Reynolds

Images courtesy of Proportion>London

Tanya Reynolds is the Creative Director at Proportion>London and has been part of the Retail VM and Display Industry for a whopping 30 years. If there is one person who has a vast knowledge and a passion for this industry it certainly is Tanya who also clearly has her finger on the pulse of whats 'in' right now and definately whatever is 'next'. Tanya's collections are absolutely Fashion led and I certainly am excited about the new collection being launched next week. Part of the Proportion>London portfolio are bust forms as well as the delicious Mannequins pictured below. Bust forms are what this company have been well known for for decades. One only has to wander along the high street to see that just about every retailer has something from their collections in all sorts of diverse finishes - the only limitation is our own imagination with regard to what this company can do. Naturally curious and willing to never close down opportunities to try new things Tanya and Proportion>London are the company to have on speed dial and at the top of your address book and must be your first stop at the Retail VM and Display show.

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