Sunday 7 February 2010

Kurt Geiger, London

Shoes can be a very tricky product to handle well and I suppose that's why so many shoe stores follow the same format of, well, shoes in a window. It was such a pleasure, therefore to see this new concept from Kurt Geiger along Regent street, here in London this week, while I flaneured the streets. OK, well they have used the usual stacked crates in a pyramidal format (another one of the 10 Commandments broken for 2010) but I feel what redeems this scheme is the use of this beautiful figure. I am not sure who has produced this Mannequin, but of course the high gloss white we have seen in the most de rigeur stores for about 8 months now, but she is fairly abstract and it is quite unusually brave for a retailer to put what is essentially a nude figure in their windows. OK well, you and I know its just a piece of fibreglass but usually the fight with the marketeers of these kind of companies sadly have such a say in what happens visually and I am pleased that this silent seller is doing what it is doing - selling shoes. Men's shoes of course are another animal altogether and thankfully Geiger has given us these beautiful range of jewel tones, so throw out the Black and Brown shoes guys and get yourself a new pair of Geiger's.

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