Sunday 3 January 2010

Lucky Brand Jeans, New York

Nothing beats a New Year's celebration hangover than walking in the New York cold weather - so I discovered. Yes, I know its already the 3rd January, but these things take time to work out of the system these days. Anyway, as I flaneured around Prince St. here in the city I came across Lucky Brand Jeans. Now I don't actually know this brand but according to the very lovely sales staff they are all over America too. I do find that the Jeans market is rather saturated personally and I could feel myself oozing Denim from every pore as a result. However, the reason I have included this brand is because I was drawn to their product presentation scheme. Unfortunately, my images here are not great but I did find the use of the Victorian vignettes quite interesting. OK, well its not particularly highly original, although it was produced incredibly well and therefore I wanted to show you as I was drawn in to the store to take a closer look so it did its job very well. On the downside, it does appear to be just another jeans brand (I'm sure they won't thank me for saying that) and the product isn't that great (as in original not quality) but the stores themselves do look really cool and perhaps this is where the differentiation is. After all, how many pairs of Jeans or checked shirts do we all really need? Anyway, it is worth taking a look if your are interested in Denim type brands if only just to admire their stores.

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