Saturday 2 January 2010

Anthropologie, New York

A visit to New York would not be complete without seeing my favourite brand and stores of the decade. I could happily live in these spaces, they absolutely push all (well nearly all) of my buttons - apart from the fact that they don't sell menswear which I know I moaned about when I visited the London store a few weeks ago. Anyway, while I flaneured around the bottom of West Broadway you would have had to chain me to the lamppost to stop me coming in here. This store seems to have an almost Dickensian feel to it mixed with up to the minute Uber cool contemporary thinking. I couldn't think of any reason not to like this concept and although the brand don't cater for men they do provide a man-creche as you can see in the images below (or it may just be a seating area but it is certainly dominated by males) Men bored out of their brains checking and sending text messages possibly waiting for their women folk to peruse the store. Why not use this space to actually sell men's products instead and give them something to do? Come on Anthropologie....look how bored these guys are...!

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