Saturday 7 November 2009

Student Work

Following on from yesterday's blog. These are additional examples of our students thoughts as they continue their journey through University.

Student: AM
There are a lot of upside downs and going's on, good and bad, in my life at the moment that's why I chose the images with the tangled wire. I believe these unbalances are ones that cant be subtracted from one's life either now or later because it will make things too perfect. I consider myself rather organized and set, I have no permanent home as I am spread across and between two very different country's. I want things calm in both my 'now' and my 'later' with a tranquil home, easy life style and preferably in a job that handles mannequins and hours behind a window creating something new for people to admire and remember. Generally I just want to be 'head over heals' with the 'later' me.

Student: AN
Where I am at the present time: I am currently working on a zero hour contract as a Visual Merchandiser at Debenhams department store. I am studying Display Design at the London College of Communcation and I am currently feeling very stressed with home and an emotional personal life. I have no money as student which adds to this stress.
Where I want to be: I am hoping to eventually find a senior position in Visual Merchandising for a big department store like Selfridges here in London. I want to be happy whatever I do and I want to afford the things I want, be comfortable, have money and want to be happily married with a family of my own.

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