Friday 6 November 2009

Student work

As my students begin the final year of their course I tasked them one afternoon to reflect on how far they had come, what they had achieved and where their aspirations lay. I was quite surprised with their genuine thoughtfulness and candid reflection. As the group are very visual it was clearly appropriate to request that they communicate their thoughts and emotions through a mood board. In addition to this they were asked to articulate these thoughts in order to communicate to a much wider audience. Here are just two examples from the group which they have allowed me to share with you (although I have deliberately only published their initials). These thoughts, I feel are representative of the life of a contemporary student, which is often so difficult and challenging here in the UK in the noughties.

Student: KK
Right now, I live in London studying Display Design at the London College of Communication. Whilst studying I am able to gain a lot of experience within the industry, by taking up various work placements. In the past I have worked at Selfridges, Habitat and Marks and Spencer’s. Recently I have helped in implementing the Harrods Christmas display, which celebrates 70 years of the making of the film, The Wizard of Oz. This has helped enormously in giving me an insight into this world of work and also to help set my goals. In the future I aim to get a job in the Display Design industry, perhaps working for Selfridges or Harvey Nichols and then work as a freelance designer.

Student: ST

Where I am:
This is about what I am doing now and where my mind is. I am a student living with my parents and earn money from home doing babysitting, celebration cakes and styling friends and family member's hair, whether it be braids or just a trim. I am in conflict with myself as I have depression which is depicted in the centre image and so I lack motivation, feel tired and at times am unsure of myself. I have dyslexia which does not bother me as I am in the same group of those who are successful, creative and have some of the greatest minds in world history such as Einstein and Bill Gates. I chose a black background as I am in a dark place because of my depression.

Where I want to be:
This one was a challenge for me as I am unsure of myself at this present time. I can only say I would like my own house to be married with a family and a job I enjoy doing. I will, of course remain dyslexic, but most of all I want to be happy, full of life, self confidence and energetic.

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