Sunday 15 November 2009

Foale and Tuffin Exhibition, Fashion and Textile Museum, London

While flaneur-ing the city this week in search of elusive and slightly 'unter' store's that become gems one occasionally finds in the tiniest of streets here in London, I came across the Fashion and Textile Museum. Of course, I now this well, although this was only my second visit. I had heard that there was a Foale and Tuffin Exhibition which is currently showing, and naturally this immediately drew me in. Now, I didn't actually know very much about these designers, however after some cursory research I immediately realised what a huge influence they had had in the 1960-70's. This is the 'unter' store that I had been searching for. Of course the original Foale and Tuffin store was on Malborough Court, just off the iconic Carnaby st. During this period, as with Habitat, stores needed to maximise space and wanted the customer to concentrate on the product and therefore the store structure consisted of scrubbed pine flooring and whitewashed walls together with their iconic signage as seen in the image above. I am sure there are the equivalents of Foale and Tuffin here today, sadly very often it seems that we often appreciate them and the contribution they make, far more, retrospectively - or is that just me? (A video of the Exhibition can be found on my YouTube Channel: Jhvefun)

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