Wednesday 28 October 2009

Calvin Klein, London

This is an interesting scheme from Calvin Klein along Regent st. here in London. Gold sprayed headless male mannequins supported with slick monochromatic images of males as the backdrop in a steamy shower scenario wearing jeans. There is one cubicle with a male and female mannequin however I could not find a scene with two males or indeed two females sharing the scenario - I guess its only single males or heterosexual couples that actually have or share showers. I cant help feeling that Calvin Klein have risked alienating a huge segment of their adopted or perhaps rather unexpected target audience - I feel a trip to clubland or the street (by the CK crew) would have clarified or supported my thinking here. However, looking in store I do really like the way the fixture at the centre of the image directs people through the space creating the initial focal point and and reinforcing the sexual, oily and erotic image that they [CK] seem to be striving for.

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