Saturday 5 September 2009

Jc De Castelbajac, London

Jc De Castelbajac along Conduit Street in London, I find, quite an odd store. I have seen various incarnations of the store on this site which if I remember correctly is where onkin ee (is that the correct spelling?) once stood. Anyway, I do enjoy what they do with their Windows and they certainly are creative and fashion forward. I was viewing the latest Alexander McQueen catwalk show recently for 2010 where models wore these huge Leigh Bowery-esque lips - am guessing this is where the concept came from. Anyway, I thought the reclining figure is a great prop. Perhaps he doesn't need the sunglasses? I felt this just made him suddenly look too human and therefore I was looking at a naked figure rather than a prop. Anyway, while the merchandise, it seems is perhaps for the very fashion forward / or brave, it is a fun store to see. I particularly like the figure in the perspex chair with the undersized hat positioned strategically on her head - although that chair looks very uncomfortable - well I guess that's just fashion.

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