Sunday 6 September 2009

Daks, London

I always enjoy seeing Daks windows along Bond St. in London as they tend to do very sophisticated schemes which ooze quality. I was therefore, a little disappointed with this scheme as while it is executed very well, it is a celebration of 115 years (as I was quite rightly corrected by an anon. follower not 150 years as I had previously posted) - and possibly in the light of Selfridges fantastic 100 years' celebration - I actually found it quite unexciting. The only real indication that Daks is celebrating its Anniversary is is a small decal on the glass telling us so and which is barely visible in my photograph. I couldn't help feeling that a little more could have been done other than the use of the repetition of photographic images in the windows and grey fabric is rather unadventurous albeit very good quality. For a retailer to reach a 115 year Anniversary is such an incredible achievement that I for one would want to shout about this and shout quite loudly. Am I being harsh here 'followers' or would you agree that more could be done visually for such a whopping 115 year Anniversary?

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