Monday 31 August 2009

Vivienne Westwood, Conduit Street, London

I don't often write about Vivienne Westwood windows as nothing significantly changes. However, as I walked my city usual walk in my 'flaneur' mode, I came across this little gem along Conduit Street in London. The windows here, contain bust forms which I believe are by Proportion London (the link to them is on the right hand side of this page) in a stripey fabric. Unusually, the windows contain these rosette 'like' structures which act as a kind of backdrop to the figures and merchandise, with an almost confetti like design vinyl on the glass. It is not clear what the story is here other than an abstract concept, however needless to say I did feel compelled to record these windows as ones which have become quite significant in the overall scheme and were therefore a delight to view and worth sharing.


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