Thursday 3 September 2009

Nicole Farhi, London

I have been following these Nicole Farhi windows for quite some time. Recently, I recorded some figures reclining in a deckchair with a seagull precariously perched on the back of the chair, only to find 24 hours later while flaneur-ing with my students that the Seagull had 'perhaps' been strategically moved? Anyway, I have seen a lot of schemes over the last year using furniture as props, but I thought this worked quite well. I feel that these windows are quite difficult to visually merchandise and display and the Nicole Farhi team do it very well. On the one side we have menswear with headless male mannequins stood and sat on a large circular table and in the other window we have the repetition of chairs floating on a vertical plane. I couldn't help feeling that the two windows are a little disjointed if I look at the scheme holistically. I am also not really a fan of headless mannequins as I do find them rather generic. However, the scheme is very well executed (as one would expect from a designer store) although I must ask followers, are they lacking something? Maybe something which makes us smile or something clever? There is an opportunity to do something fun here although my emotional response is that while they have been installed extremely well, someone somewhere has missed an opportunity to have fun with the scheme. What do you think followers?

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