Thursday 20 August 2009

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

I'm not a great fan of shopping malls, but one Shopping Mall that I actually found myself enjoying recently is the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. The Mall of the Emirates really does have it all under one roof. How many places can you go to in searing heat and ski on real snow in minus something degrees? Ok, well I know this could not be achieved naturally and I did have pangs of guilt while taking my skiing lesson in a faux Alpine landscape (incidentally which smells as if a lorry has just reversed into a garage pumping out its obnoxious fumes). And I ski very badly much to the annoyance of Alfonso my Italian instructor, who looks at me pitifully as my legs are contorted in all sorts of directions that I never knew were possible, particularly the splits (ouch..!) and I still haven't learned how to stop as I regularly crash into the barriers surrounded with yellow tape that scream danger and I usually end up splattered on the glass screen next to the restaurant at the end of the slope, much to the amusement of the diners, leaving Alfonso to peal me off the glass while tutting and rolling his eyes in dismay. Anyway, putting aside the environmental issues, my bad skiing and Alfonso's frustrations, this Mall not only has amazing stores including my favourite home store 'The One' and Ski Dubai, it also has its own stage and Mall entertainment and these amazing fountains on the outside of the Mall which do their stuff every few minutes or so with different music although usually, the soundtrack to the film Mission Impossible. However, they really are a spectacular display of lights, water and explosions of fire. Very impressive. I do think that they probably work better at night time?

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