Sunday 16 August 2009

Hayley Mills, Display Designer talks about her experience in Leeds

Hayley Mills, Display Designer, Contact:
Leeds is not the first place one would think of for experiencing an exquisite shopping trip. However, tucked away, surrounding the city centre are a flurry of historical buildings which house the Victorian Arcades. These elegant shop fronts give the high street a new dimension and feel. Just from the presence of the buildings a grand atmosphere is created, you get a sense of heritage and prowess from your shopping experience; you could say a true palace of consumerism. Among the stores that stood out here are Louis Vuitton (below), I would not have expected anything less from this brand as they are one of the leading stores for creative displays. In their side window was a fixed architectural structure, which holds a resemblance to contour lines. This sculptural piece of art is what attracts your sightline to the window, with the merchandise becoming a secondary visual and are evenly spaced on the display structure. The solid strips of wood had a hint of red colouring on the edges; this rich striking colour gives it a hint of elegance and simplicity. It created a new dimension to the window space and displaying product. The other picture featured (below) is Mulberry’s store window, this transparent vinyl used to cover the whole of the window is of course nothing new but during this current climate with budgets being cut, it is a very cost effective and simplistic way to bring atmosphere and imagery to a window.

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