Saturday 11 July 2009

Interior Design for Retail @ Central St. Martins, Guest Blogger Student Aarti Mittal

Aarti Mittal, owner of Bloom, New Delhi, India.
As a student of the Interior Design for Retail course at Central St. Martins it was pleasurable to learn about Visual Merchandising and the impact it can have on its customers. As a retailer in India I have always felt the need to be creative in my store but now I know the importance of visual displays. These Mannequins (below) might not seem very important in a visual display but they give a customer an idea of a brand image even before they enter a store. The kind of Mannequin, its size? shape? colour? features? all need to be like the target customer that the brand is targeting. A Mannequin might seem to be the secondary object compared to the accessories and clothing but without it, the picture is incomplete. These are my favorite Mannequins as my style is bohemian and these Mannequins and bust froms from Proportion-London definitely give my brand an identity.

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