Friday 10 July 2009

Interior Design for Retail @ Central St. Martins, Student Guest Blogger

On completion of the Interior Design for Retail Course I asked students to present their projects and to reflect on their experience of London. Here, Nimet Bekar, an Architecture Student from Turkey presents her new concept Shoe Retail experience and offers her thoughts about London. I wanted to photograph the students individually to give them the credit and ownership that they deserved for their hard work. We decided that rather than photograph each other against a White background we would project images from our favourite Artists, Designers, Architects etc. onto ourselves. Following howls of laughter students began giving each other projected moustaches and coloured make overs - the above right image of Nimet is just one of the results.

Nimet Bekar:
This is my second time in London but my first time as a designer in this city. One of the things I like about London is the harmony between past and present and even future. While I was walking around in London during my time here, so many things caught my eye like the contemporary bridge leading to the historical St. Paul's Cathedral. Our class has seen so many neighbourhoods in London on our journey that have been rebuilt after World War II, so you can see lots of buildings which belong to different historical periods. One of the most intriguing scenes I saw was the reflection of an old church in this modern building. Actually I had to take this photo several times because everbody in London is in a rush!

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