Wednesday 8 July 2009

How to dismantle a Mannequin

Mannequin Components: Full Figures, Detachable Arms, Detachable Hands, Detachable Waist. One Detachable leg, Glass / Metal Base plate, Screwable spigot, Star Plate, Wig, Make-up

•1. Detach arms and hands from the figure. Place you hand on the shoulder of the figure while holding the arm. Lift the arm upwards until you hear it click and unlock, then place it gently on the floor.
•(The codes written on the inside of the arms and shoulders refer to the collection and catalogues from the supplier)

•2. Remove torso from legs by twisting the figure one direction until you hear it click and unlock, placing it carefully on the floor to avoid scratches and chips. Again the code written on the connecting plate refers to the manufacturers catalogues.

•2. Remove legs from the Glass / metal base place by lifting upwards.
•3. Twist the leg gently one direction until you hear the connecting plates click and unlock.
•4. Place the legs gently on the floor.
•5. Begin dressing from the legs upwards reassembling the mannequin in reverse order.

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