Tuesday 14 July 2009

Central St. Martins, Interior Styling Course

These are good examples of how retailers have used these spaces as a type of catch-all for samples of several products from everything in the store. This way of displaying items, by removing the fourth and in some case the third and fourth wall, retailers use this as a strategy which is intended to capture the buying public through a contrived setting which gives the illusion that we can buy all of these products for our tiny homes and still have a sense of space - which of course is a premium. Naturally, we would never be able to see the rooms in our homes from these angles but we are drawn in anyway. What these kind of retailers do so well is show us, sometimes perhaps confidence lacking public how to choose what we want without looking foolish.

What I have also tried to do here is to break down the dynamics of the space in an attempt to identify the vanishing and focal points of the space. Of course the space may not have been created with this in mind, however neither did I originally photograph these spaces originally with the intention of trying to do this, however it does present the idea of how we can.

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