Monday 13 July 2009

Interior Design for Retail Course @ Central St. Martins, student guest blogger Beverly Chan

Beverly Chan, Environmental Designer, Vancouver, Canada:
Over the last two weeks, having visited factories, learned from artisans, and seen all that goes on behind the scenes of Visual Merchandising, the experience I am most grateful for has been the opportunity to witness works of truly captivating craftsmanship – crafts that have been made even more beautiful by their modest nature and understated importance in the worlds of Retail and Design.
For instance, although the Mannequin manufacturing industry was the last place I would’ve thought to find such a unique craft, it was during our visit to meet Tanya Reynolds at Proportion-London that I discovered a newfound appreciation for the interdisciplinary world of Retail Design. In particular, Proportion-London stands out in my memory because I admire their consideration and care for the finer details. I think their approach to implement antique, innovative, and global influences is very successful: they preserve older techniques that have been passed down from the early 1900s (to create their signature papier-mâché mannequins), they are experimenting with eco-friendly methods and materials, and they continually source inspiration from artefacts from around the world. Companies like this give me hope for the future of Retail Design!
Thank you again, Jonathan, Aarti, Ayu, Barbara, Elsa, Nimet, Sezen, Youjung! It has been an honour getting to know you all… (Next time: World Tour!)

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