Tuesday 30 June 2009

House of Wax - Great Yarmouth

I recently ventured along England's East Coast to Great Yarmouth's House of Wax. Having read an enormous amount of mocking viral e-mails and how it was voted as Great Britain's worst Museum, it definitely warranted a visit. I certainly wasn't disappointed. As reported in the national press, it was as bad as the stories led me to believe. After paying my £3.00 entry fee I found myself alone with the likes of Samantha Fox, an angry looking Princess Diana, Eastender characters Den and Angie and Beckham look-a-likes. Signs all throughout the building scream CCTV in operation. I couldn't believe for a moment that these figures were protected by expensive equipment such as CCTV and the urge to record them photographically was too much. Of course its easy to mock these wax figures, and they are hilarious, however my interest was purely Academic and my main focus was in the representation of the human figure. I did however allow myself a wry smile.

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