Monday 29 June 2009

All in one

I was recently sent the most wonderful American catalog(ue) from 1963 - All-in-one. The most interesting thing about this, is, that it is a great insight into a company who at the time were already in operation for 45 years when it was printed. The catalogue contains articles on the (then) latest Minute Maid Wigs - comb 'em.....curl 'em....twist 'em...brush 'em...., as the advert says, thrift line plastic hangers, papier mache forms, all plastic reinforced Lady Mannequins and most interestingly, the Studio Trion Hood and Glam-A-Mask. Essentially a plastic bag that is put over the head when trying on clothing to protect a women's 'hairdo' and make-up from being 'mussed' or 'spoiled'. The advertisements instruct that these hoods are produced in Pink marquisette which quickly zips on and off.....washes in a jiffy........drys in a moment. At the time, retailing at just $1.25 each, or $9.00 per dozen.

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