Thursday 21 June 2018

Loro Piana, London

This is one of those brands that we know absolutely nothing about although have passed this store along Sloane street on so many occasions and simply kept walking.  Until now of course.  Unfortunately, their website doesnt really celebrate their heritage although there are an awful lot of images of Vicuna's (think posh Lama's) and baby Goats...and not just your ordinary ones at that.  In fact, Hircus Goats (posh Goats then).  The brand apparently began back in the 19th century as a family business although the history is quite vague until of course its scooped up by the might of LVMH (do they own everything yet?).  Still, if you fancy a bit of the finest cashmere your money can buy then we guess go and explore this brand......although probably best to start saving first.

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