Tuesday 7 March 2017

SFD, Euroshop, Dusseldorf

There is an interesting thread of Virtual Reality systems and installations across the exhibitors here at Euroshop which is really worth checking out.  At SFD, the brand are pioneering VR in retail with their system which is so efficient that you can reduce time and costs from concept design to scheme implementation and yet so accurate that it reduces planning errors and helps you to discover optimum layouts quickly and easily.  Of course, the brand dont only offer store design but also fantastic collections of mannequins so do check out 'Articulate' which has been created from natural matting and bio resin.  Their Nude collection has an articulated head which can move like a human head which gives you the opportunity to change the figures 'mood' in just a matter of seconds and of course is available in a whole range of finishes according to your brands needs.

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