Thursday 12 May 2016

Marks & Spencer, London
Images Courtesy and Copyright

We have never included Marks & Spencer here previously, there was no agenda we promise although we do look for innovation and interesting schemes to include here otherwise we just become a brands' PR machine (or not) and this is not the point of  However, we were struck by this latest scheme using giant neon lit fruits with the strap line Spirit of Summer.  We all know that this brand sells quality products even if it isn't somewhere we would necessarily normally shop ourselves (in fact the last time we did was pre-internet days - yes that long ago) however their latest scheme shouts 'confidence' and we all want a bit of that don't we? (as opposed to looking non committal in their offer. Maybe that's the reason why we've inadvertently given them a wide berth? Who Knows?).  From just one window scheme, this brand looks like one we would like to take a closer look at and we now may be more inclined to step over the threshold once again and take a closer look at what these guys are doing.  We are aware that its easy to sit behind our screens and poke fun at a brand but this one looks like its working so hard to win us back, it looks like a desirable department store (from the outside), the least we can do is take a closer look.  We did, will you?

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