Sunday 3 April 2016

Tandem, Barcelona

Images Courtesy and Copyright

We had thought that travel agents on the high street were a bygone concept although it seems that if you happen to be in the luxury market it is clearly thriving, upping the ante and looking so cool too.  Gone are those dodgy independents on a forgotten high street with multiple stickers of random associations on their doors (which to be honest did any of us ever check for their authenticity?) filled with shelves of curly well thumbed brochures with random people frolicking on the beach in some sunny destination.  Here at Tandem in Barcelona, the brand have implemented beautifully constructed 'skeleton' suitcases promoting a range of exotic destinations and suspended against a curved graphic in a gravitational format.  Perhaps if more travel agents had made such an effort they wouldn't have been relegated to the 'round filing cabinet on the floor' of places we used to shop? 

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