Wednesday 24 February 2016

Molton Brown, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Dusan Kacan

This is a brand we don't look at often but it is great to see some energy behind their already phenomenal product (we've even spotted their products being used inside Buckingham Palace - great endorsement if ever one was needed).  The story behind the collection here celebrates the Lily of the Valley scent and as the famous symbolic flower of the Flora Day Festival (8th May) which dates back hundreds of years in the picturesque town of Helston, Cornwall.  The brand wanted to capture the essence of Cornwall with this installation containing lush Greens and delicate Whites using these beautifully handmade props.  Open backed window spaces are notoriously difficult to work with, however this installation allows the passerby to see into the store from the high street and yet create a natural outdoors feeling with its use of natural finishes of moss mounds and floral garlands.

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