Thursday 28 January 2016

Nudie Jeans, Berlin

When was the last time you washed your jeans?  Today? Yesterday? Or several months ago?  At Nudie, who have a fantastic sustainability philosophy in place as part of their branding suggest perhaps that we should be a little more hesitant with washing our denim so frequently and maybe we might actually be better leaving our fav. bits out of that hot washing cycle and wearing them that little bit longer, in fact 5 months longer.  What we have found however is one of their amazing repair shops, so if you find that *those wears and tears are not on trend, *you are finally over the hipster look,  *after 5 months you manage to crack those trusty Jeans in half (*delete as appropriate) then drop them off to these guys who will cheerily repair them for you (if they don't actually manage to walk there themselves after 5 months).  In the meantime, great philosophy and fantastic to see this 'make do and mend' option although we will be washing our denim as frequently as normal. #wouldntwanttoworkhereinsummer

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