Wednesday 18 November 2015

Fortnum and Mason, London

With notoriously difficult products to show well, this brand do it so brilliantly.  The crowds of passersby, even at night time are mesmerized by this scheme here at Fortnum and Mason and rightly so too.  Layers and layers of products fill this scheme and as we approach the inevitable seasonal time of year, no doubt the cash desks are reaping the rewards that the team here put into their schemes to make their products so desirable and entice the customers in.  We wouldn't want to be working on the shop floor here right now as just about anytime of the year its busy but do go an have a look at this magnificent store and marvel at their interior too.  We promise it is a real treat.  We have of course made a quick video of the windows in between the break of the crowds which is included below or through the link here

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