Sunday 4 October 2015

Bottega Veneta, London

We don't normally manage to capture the schemes at this brand very often as the security grilles are usually pulled down at night time so we usually on ever include the occasional New York store.  We were a little surprised so find that the brand have a sense of humour as while of course the products are superbly produced they aren't very exciting.  Here, a street scene complete with sitting Cat.  OK, its not exactly rocking the high street but the Cat did make us take a closer look as it does look quite real, at a glance.  What we cant quite work out is why there is a mannequin in an open window with a handbag on the ledge with a book case so close behind her?  She's probably looked at their website and about to hurl herself out through sheer boredom?   Check out our video here anyway and at least smile because there is a realistic Cat in the window.

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