Tuesday 14 July 2015

Topman, London

This is quite an impressive visual overlooking Oxford Street at Topman right now.  It is perhaps a little Hollister-esque for us and we were slightly hoping that someone who was clearly 'Beach Body Ready' (and whatever that actually means) would swim across in mock synchronized formation as we stopped and stared,  now that would have raised a smile and provided us with an unexpected surprise.  Even just a little interaction would have ticked a box, but oh no.  As there is no humour anywhere on the high street right now and no clever use of product we instead find ourselves looking at a moving pool.  Well that's 3 seconds we will never get back.  That aside, this really does glow at night time and drew us in so it is clearly doing its job.  Interestingly also there is really good information about the product inside this windows' space which informs the customer about the product/collection and is actually incredibly helpful.

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