Sunday 19 July 2015

Rubaiyat Department Store, Saudi Arabia

Images Courtesy and Copyright Propstudios

We have never been to or received images from stores in Saudi Arabia previously so it really is a pleasure to receive some of the latest scheme at the Rubaiyat Department store.  We aren't familiar with this store however their latest installation looks quite spectacular and rather a pleasant surprise.  UK based Propstudios was commissioned by Al Rabaiyat to design and manufacture a series of large props for what look like enormous window spaces.  The theme of the installation is Luxury and includeds opulent chandeliers with smoked glass perfume bottles and crystal droplets, a giant gramophone with silk flowers cascading from the horn and a giant perfume bottle, to name but a few.  How good is to see such quality Visual Merchandising happening around the world beyond the usual London and New York.

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