Friday 12 June 2015

Proportion>London, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Proportion>London

Longevity and Legacy are proving to be key elements for consideration in our fast paced commercial environments.  Where innovation and the 'now' are so necessary by the very nature of what we do, how do we address the burning issue of constant change yet still maintain a competitive edge?  Bring on Proportion>London's latest collection: Components.  The simple repeat positioned bodies which are the linchpin here can be produced by the company en masse.  The heads, arms and hands can then be lavished in as many different finishes as one desires.  As always, the only limitation is our imaginations. So, imagine this collection in shuttered concrete, textured Cork, crackle glaze, or delicious felted wool.  If your budgets are strained, "buy wise and keep forever".

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