Monday 29 June 2015

Mathew Williamson, London

Gosh, we haven't looked at this brand in a very long time.  Well, hands up we are struggling to find something interesting to look at right now as literally everyone is in Sale.  The weather is strangely hot here in the centre of the world and while most of us are probably enjoying this freakishly warm weather (unless of course you happen to be travelling on the tube which currently is like wearing clothes in a sauna - we're not talking from personal experience of course). If we ruled London then Transport for London would be hiring some buff boys wearing only a hand towel (obvs..!) at every station to issue passengers with cool towels, and some soothing drinks, possibly drunk from a coconut with an obligatory umbrella? We are so not beach body ready but who cares if you arent either, be proud of your fidoobiders, flash your welcome mats and hairy backs but don't travel in the same carriage as us - please.  This brand is sporting a collaboration with Mehta Bell Projects and presenting an installation by Tsai and Yoshikawa.   

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