Saturday 18 April 2015

Wanderland, Hermes, London

If you haven't seen the Wanderland exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery then you are missing a fantastic treat of a show.  Hermes is one of those luxury brands who we feel strangely connected with.  OK we own nothing of the products but we have been hooked into their philosophy and brand presentation.  Wanderland takes you on the fantasy journey of the Flaneur (The Flaneur was originally a literary type of the 19th Century although we are all flaneurs if we walk the streets of London in order to experience it)  The exhibition consists of a series of 11 rooms in various media created by range of diverse artists; some of the rooms are included here.  The digital media is quite mind blowing from a storm in a tea cup to an eye in a bottle.  This is great fun to see if you have a minute and really worth the small effort it takes to go.  The exhibition is on until 2nd May so make sure you catch it before it goes on to Paris and then to Italy.

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